Success Story

modernization of the ServiceNow platform for Managed Services

Our initiative aimed to modernize the Service Now platform used by our customers. The platform had been heavily customized, making maintenance difficult and upgrades requiring high effort. The application management team also struggled with low velocity due to the complexity of legacy custom applications built into the platform. In addition, maintenance costs went up due to inefficient use of licences and an outdated model of user personas that locked us to the past delivery model focused on business towers working as silos. Lastly, the CMDB lacked a flexible data model to meet user requirements.


This initiative posed several challenges – from developing an ambitious, long-term strategy without an execution plan to a lack of disciplined approaches for configurations and excessive customizations accrued over the years. Each upgrade was a risky change that could potentially disrupt operations. As such, it became paramount that the team enhance their skillset in order to meet these demands.

results & benefits

Our project has achieved the following results:

  • Service Now became the foundation of a convenient operations platform with a single access point for users (user portal).
  • Customizations were slowly replaced with thought-through configurations thanks to an alignment of silo-oriented processes into one baseline.
  • Common service catalogue enabled streamlining management of service requests and speed-up fulfilment flows.
  • We strive to provide comprehensive and specific reporting that caters to each customer’s needs and preferences.
  • We offer dedicated services and support tickets to create an efficient work environment for distributed support teams which handle a unified process and base implementation of CMDB. Our system ensures streamlined operations.
  • Meanwhile, observability was successfully highlighted as the key next step in the evolution of the Service Now platform.

Benefits for our customers:

  • The Service Now team developed a strategic plan to guide their efforts and help them work towards their longer-term objectives. They evaluated progress regularly to ensure they were on track to meet their goals.
  • By reducing customization, we experienced lower overhead expenses in incremental maintenance.
  • Engineering teams are empowered to maximize efficiency and achieve results quicker than ever with a single tool reflecting a scalable support system.
  • Truth 24/7 has made it possible to achieve more with fewer resources. It is an excellent asset in terms of increased efficiency and productivity.
  • Support teams can work together with a data-driven approach based on a ‘single source of truth.’
  • The implementation of standard support procedures resulted in improved response times and proactivity.