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Our global Product & Project experts helped to deliver more than 50 successful initiatives at a global scale.

Our methodology offers comprehensive product management capabilities and enables companies to develop, deploy, and manage IT solutions quickly and cost-effectively.

Global ITSM Platform for IT operations in 100+ countries

Ericsson sought to unify their internal IT services with a global streamlined, standardized support system. To achieve this high-level goal, they needed a robust and reliable ITSM platform that could handle the custom operational procedures and be used in the same fashion wherever it was implemented. Thus, Ericsson looked for a global and scalable ITSM platform to help them reach their desired outcome.

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Cost optimization for complex global IT organization

Our collaboration with a large Scandinavian customer has led to 20%+ savings in the total IT operations budget in a year! Our expertise in optimizing IT operations was the key to unlocking such significant savings. Utilizing our rich 15+ years of industry experience, we diligently carved out savings by But we didn’t stop at savings ...

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Modernization of the ServiceNow platform for Managed Services organization

Our initiative aimed to modernize the Service Now platform used by our customers. The platform had been heavily customized, making maintenance difficult and upgrades requiring high effort. As such, it became paramount that the team enhance their skillset in order to meet these demands.

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BMC Helix for global IoT operations

The BMC Helix platform has been designed to meet the needs of the most demanding IoT operations, with support for over 25 countries and 3,000 IoT support engineers engaged globally. The platform is also scalable, supporting up to 100,000 configuration items in BMC CMDB scope.

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Product Management with scaled agile (SAFe) at a global scale

Global Product Management and DevOps was formed to lead the development and management of a global IoT platform. After implementing the SAFe framework and working with over 100 development resources, the team increased velocity while reducing delivery costs.

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Standard operational processes in global ICT Centers

Evergo led a project for streamlining and standardizing operations across the two global IT Deta Centers. With our team of experts, we worked with the client's organization to implement a common operational "way of working" in ICT centres.

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Better business through IT

Espen Saga

CIO Atea Norway

“I recommend Evergo as an IT consulting team with solid domain knowledge, a flexible mindset and an outside-of-the-box approach. Despite challenges, we kept a high spirit of collaboration and had fun. We have completed several initiatives together. It has always been goal-oriented and effective cooperation — Evergo guides & supports clients on their way to success. 👍”

Martin Johansson

Strategic Product Mgr. Ericsson AB

“ We started collaboration ten years ago. Since then, we've implemented together several IT initiatives successfully. Now Evergo helps us realize an ambitious roadmap of Service Management Platform for IoT Operations based on BMC Helix. I am confident that they can support the implementation and help us drive towards success. ”

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