We help your business
to become Agile and Lean
to respond to the changes quickly
and to operate efficiently.
We believe in IT run like a business
with Service Arhitectures in place
and integrated Dev & Ops functions.
We transform operational
ways of working to improve
user satisfaction and save costs.
We are team of business practitioners
with a solid experience in service
and operational organisations.

Design and implement service oriented architectures


Drive transformation of business processes


Implement service management platforms and tools

The Ability to respond faster to market changes has always been an imperative in a competitive marketplace.          An organisation’s ability to achieve the agility dividend depends in large part on the agility of its IT systems. Building smarter, service oriented and faster systems for real-time benefits provide organisations with true competitive advantage.

Today’s businesses have the advantage of technology to help deliver real-time information and automate processes—both keys to true business agility. IT systems themselves are smarter and let IT to deliver faster.

Nevertheless a human touch is key for ultimate user satisfaction. Continual service innovation thinking is a final step for every successful business improvement.

Service innovation, implemented.

Many organisations now find themselves paying excessive amounts to many different outsourcing services providers who, in most cases, are working independently of each other (silo approach and little-to-no standardisation), and with little view of the business goal to which they are contributing.
There is a strong need for tackling, and ultimately, streamlining this complex network of individual service provisions. This is where Service Integration comes into play.

Service Integration represents a first key step towards re-empowering the IT organisation the ability to support the business and add value. It enables the streamlining of IT service governance and procurement practices, while simultaneously bringing tangible business benefits; benefits such as reduced operating costs, decreased risk, enhanced governance and compliance, and improved service quality.

We see the Service Integration as the management of separately supplied IT services to ensure they consistently work together to deliver business benefits. And here are the components:

Integrate service elements into one coherent system of OLA and SLA;

Build viable relationship between key business processes and IT services;

Manage the relationship between business outcome and IT services.

Service Integration. Implemented.

With frameworks and methodologies based on practice, Evergo helps clients identify, design, introduce, run and improve information-based, services that help organisations achieve their desired business outcomes.

Service-oriented architectures, software-as-a-service, network convergence, mobility and other trends have sparked noticeable improvements in IT flexibility. New sourcing models, as well as the acceptance of cloud computing, have also enabled even faster, more responsive and more cost-effective IT capabilities.

We help to build service organisations that transform and operate services to respond to business threats and opportunities and drive the enterprise forward.

Service excellence, implemented.

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