Success Story

Product Management with scaled agile (SAFe) at a global scale

Global Product Management and DevOps was formed to lead the development and management of a global IoT platform. After implementing the SAFe framework and working with over 100 development resources, the team increased velocity while reducing delivery costs.


At the start of the project, the team faced slower velocities and higher delivery costs. This was primarily due to a strategy that lacked clear product goals. Moreover, without an established agile collaboration model in place, communication suffered for a lack of clarity in planning and execution.

results & benefits

Our project has achieved the following results:

  • Establishment of one team with definitive objectives (OKRs) to serve as the platform.
  • The SAFe framework as a common method utilized for agile product delivery.
  • Effective collaboration in program increment (PI) planning and steadily growing delivery precision.
  • The successful implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and assignment of key roles within a global, multicultural team.
  • Aligned stakeholder expectations and clearly defined delivery responsibilities enabled an efficient environment that allows teams to deliver maximum value on their projects.

Benefits for our customer:

  • Delivery times have sped drastically, going from months to weeks for finished products with features ready for deployment. The team has committed to continuing this speedy service and product reliability trend.
  • The implementation of a new scale agile collaboration model has led to a decrease in the number of product flaws, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.
  • The team successfully built stakeholders’ confidence, and they have been given the mandate to deliver even more results on a global scale.
  • The operating costs of the platform were consistently optimized to accommodate growth.
  • Moreover, despite the complexity of the requirements that increased over time, the teams’ output efficiency was enhanced at every step.

The effect of our actions

100 development resources, working within the SAFe framework were able to increase velocity while reducing delivery costs.


DevOps resources engaged


Program Increments (PI's) to date


Lines of code in scope


Higher deployment velocity


Lower costs