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Every process, every product, every service without added value for End User will either be improved or abandoned. This way our customer get inspired to grow as an integrated company.

The team of Evergopartners participated in a project to unify its business and IT operations to help deliver three key objectives – operational efficiency, competitive advantage and a consistent customer experience.

The challenge was that many IT systems and business operations were disconnected and tended to focus on single-point functions. The objective was to standardise not just IT systems, but the processes round those systems, so that our customer could provide a common operational model, a single service catalog and common business processes.

Expected results:

  • Consistent End User experience through more efficient services;
  • Helps introduce more End User experience improvements faster;
  • Delivers economies of scale globally;
  • Delivers operational efficiencies by simplifying systems, services and processes;
  • Helps to reduce OPEX and CAPEX.